Turbocharger SA is a company based in Switzerland that focuses its business on turbochargers that enable engine downsizing and emissions reduction.
Turbocharger SA operates in the aftermarket segment at global level with the trusted brand Turborail and in China with 特博瑞 registered trademark.

TU Power Tech LLC is a 100% Turbocharger controlled company and is based in China, is a business unit focused in R&D, prototyping and manufacturing of turbochargers and its components. TU Power Tech is certified ISO 9001 from TUV German certification body.

Turbocharge SA’s commercial branch, Turborail Srl, act as European logistic hub and fiscal representative for the EU and is based in Novara – Italy. The hub is servicing 4 commercial branch located in Poland, Hungary, Greece and Albania.


These are our registered trademarks:

            Turbocharger SA


If you would to know about TURBOCHARGER SA, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@turbocharger-group.com or through the following form: